Featured Client

Many thanks to Eugene and Derrek Tomine.

Some time ago I realized I needed to have a will drawn up. They helped explain how Wills and Trusts were different. To protect my assets they helped me realize that both were appropriate. The explanations were very clear and helped me make decisions for myself.

Years later when a dear friend died and left me in charge of the estate, thank heaven they were there. The Estate was far more complicated than I was prepared for. Eugene had to file documents and have court dates in Northern California as well as heir verification back east. Luckily probate was able to be avoided even though some of the estate had been left out of that Trust. The final distribution was laid out clearly by this firm and helped me through a very stressful time.

Our lives often take different twists and turns. Change happens. I feel I can ask questions, not be judged and I have their support in my decisions.