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Many thanks to Eugene and Derrek Tomine.

Some time ago I realized I needed to have a will drawn up. They helped explain how Wills and Trusts were different. To protect my assets they helped me realize that both were appropriate. The explanations were very clear and helped me make decisions for myself.

Years later when a dear friend died and left me in charge of the estate, thank heaven they were there. The Estate was far more complicated than I was prepared for. Eugene had to file documents and have court dates in Northern California as well as heir verification back east. Luckily probate was able to be avoided even though some of the estate had been left out of that Trust. The final distribution was laid out clearly by this firm and helped me through a very stressful time.

Our lives often take different twists and turns. Change happens. I feel I can ask questions, not be judged and I have their support in my decisions.


Happy Clients

The relationship with your law firm and my family started in 1978. I, my family, and my business have come to completely rely on your legal expertise and services during these four decades.

Your office has provided legal services for my family, including estate planning, trust administration, and probate, as well as for all corporate matters concerning my business, such as acquisition, merger, business contract, labor relations and governmental regulations.

The legal service that your office provided has been an important asset that has enabled me to focus on planning for my family and building a successful growing business. Please accept the deepest appreciation from me and my family.


In 2004 my aunt died in a state of dementia. I was her executor and Mr. Tomine was her attorney. Even though they were in the East Bay and I'm in Fresno we worked together smoothly. She left a five million dollar estate to be divided among 12 heirs in California and Europe. What should have been a smooth transition was interrupted when her caretaker tried to cheat the estate by encouraging my aunt to give her one-fifth of it. As soon as he found out about it Mr. Tomine contacted the issuers of the stock to suspend any distribution as the estate was challenging this theft. We were ultimately successful. If it had not been for his speedy proactive move on a Friday afternoon, Monday would have found the stock transferred and perhaps unrecoverable. Everything was finalized within eight months of her death, a "record" according to our own Fresno attorney. The estate is eternally grateful to Mr. Tomine for his service. I have no doubt that you will find his office as personable, diligent, and professional as we did.


Our story begins over 20 years ago when we asked our longtime CPA to recommend a good trust attorney.
Shortly thereafter, my late mother and I met Eugene Tomine in his office to discuss her possible needs. Our take from this first meeting was that he could not possibly be an attorney as he was much too gentle, soft spoken and actually looked you in your eyes when he spoke to you... a real human being with an awesome "bedside manner"
We were so impressed with Mr. Tomine's presentation and demeanor, that we became clients immediately, and so began my twenty year plus relationship with Eugene Tomine.
To me, the acid test of this relationship would be how well would our trust stand up against attack. Sometime after my mother's passing in 2007, our trust and it's trustee had the misfortune by being attacked by some misguided family members. Eugene Tomine represented us solidly through out this ordeal, up until we required a litigator to defend us in Superior Court.
At the end of the day, some three years later, a trial was avoided and we (and our trust) prevailed in a marathon mediation session in 2011.
A couple years ago, Eugene's son Derrek, also an attorney, joined him. We have had the pleasure of working with Derrek on numerous other projects and are more than satisfied with his quality work and warm friendly personality.
In summary, I find Eugene and Derrek Tomine to be the most honest and ethical persons I have ever worked with would strongly recommend their professional services to anyone needing a trust etc.


I've been a client of Eugene Tomine's for over four decades and very highly recommend his office.
He has patiently provided me quality advice through matters in business, in non-profit pursuits, in creating my living trust and in estate planning. He has also handled much of the same for my mother and many life long friends. As I've aged I now find subtle changes in my wishes for beyond my death. As such, I've appreciated that Eugene has always been caring, easy to confide in and willing to amend my trust just to the way I want. Emotionally, I've also felt extremely comforted to work with Derrek Tomine, as he's seamlessly transitioned my concerns within the office. For Derrek exhibits the same qualities combining excellent listening skills, brainstorming different scenarios for me, and providing top legal advice. I also appreciate that with both Eugene and Derrek I have never felt rushed or neglected. More than just attorneys, they are both quality individuals.


In 2004-05 I was the executor of my aunt's large and very complicated estate. Eugene Tomine had been her lawyer and assisted me in this task, in which I lacked any experience whatsoever. It became more complicated when it was discovered that my aunt's caretaker had committed financial elder abuse by convincing her to sign over nearly a million dollars in stock shares; Mr. Tomine immediately contacted the company's stock issuing department and instructed them to suspend the transfer from the estate to the caretaker. I found him to be a very ethical, highly skilled, friendly, and absolutely professional attorney. If it were possible to give him more than five stars, I would. In short, I would recommend his services to you without any qualification.

I am delighted to provide a review for Tomine Law. Eugene Tomine worked closely with my parents when they relocated to the Bay Area and needed to have their estate documents reviewed and updated. He is the consummate professional with a wonderful, calm demeanor - he made my parents feel immediately at ease. He is thorough, timely and detailed in his work, and instilled great confidence in my parents. He is of the highest integrity. I can recommend him without reservation!

Tomine Law assisted our family with our trusts for the past 15+ years. Initially it's daunting on all the decisions that need to be made. Eugene and Derrek walk you through the steps. Despite all the "legalese", Tomine Law give you thorough explanations and answers to the many questions we had. They are professional and made this process less intimidating.

I have worked closely with Tomine Law Offices heading on 5 decades and am happy to give them my very highest rating. My 3 main criteria start with their high listening ability, followed by providing thorough decision choices, and implemented in documents which have stood the test of time.

Tomine Law has been such a help to me. After the passing of dear friends, Eugine and Derrick Tomine helped me through a difficult two years of probate hearings and trust distributions I was not prepared to handle. They were calm when new challenges surfaced and made sure that all aspects of accounting and law were covered. I have learned a lot. As great mentors, they have helped me make decisions for my own current and future situations.

Carla M